Want a personalised tattoo?

Ever wanted to show the one you love just how much, by getting a tattoo in their name? But not sure about getting a permanent one…Or found the design you want etched into your skin, but not 100% sure this is the right design? …Well right now you can trial a tattoo with a personalised home-made temporary tattoo.

Plus, if you want to create a personalised name or a word then check out this super easy-to-use Tattoo Lettering website. They have tons of different fonts to choose from and you can make it as big or as small as you like. We recommend making it bigger to start with, just so that the resolution is high enough, and then you can always make it smaller later.

Here’s a design we cooked up earlier:

1. First, visit the Tattoo Lettering website.

2. Next, create your name/word you’d like to have as your temporary tattoo and download the file to your computer.

Tattoo Lettering

3. Finally, get yourself some DIY Temporary Tattoo Paper and you’ll be printing your own personalised temporary tattoos in no time!

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